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Mobile Massage Parlour In Manchester - a mobile manchester massage parlour, a massage parlour that comes to you.

Mobile Massage in Manchester Testimonials

Read what some of our regular clients say....

"Absolutely wonderful! You never seem to disappoint."

"Very good arrangement, thanks."

"I'm impressed with your service. Keep it up."

"Pyo was very good; thanks for the recommendation."

"Excellent! Thanks."

"Thanks, she is really nice too."

"Jamal was refreshingly nice, and very good with his fingers, thanks."

"Thank you so much for last night's arrangement. I was really tired and all I wanted was a hot shower and sleep while waiting, but meeting... changed all that. Looking forward to engaging your services again when I come back."

"That was amazing."

"Thanks! Jamal was fantastic! I hope to meet him again."

"Thanks mate. Very good, as always!"

"Thank you for your swift reply. I am very impressed with your professionalism and you have answered well all the questions I have so far.

Frankly, this is my first enquiry regarding massage services and I was rather nervous that you might think of my questions as being stupid but you are really thoughtful and put me at ease.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to doing more business with you soon. Cheers!"

"Just a short note in appreciation of your help in making it possible to realise one of my little fantasies... Thanks again, my friend, for the wonderful times in at rihanas!"

"Thanks a lot for your arrangement and I definitely will refer you to all my colleagues."

"Thank you so much for recommending Pyo and the wonderful time in Singapore!"

"You were right, amy is outstanding!"

"amy is a top, top girl... Please take good care of her."

"amy is even more attractive and desirable in person, just like you said!"

"Ann was a real blast, thanks for understanding what I wanted and sending over the right lady..."

"It’s so rare to meet such a nice Indian girl like rihana in manchester... thanks a lot for the arrangement."

"Sandra is intelligent, witty and loads of fun... she’s as great a masaager as I’ve met anywhere."

"I certainly didn’t expect Jamal to be as fluent in English, even though you did tell me he speaks the english language fluently. On top of the great massage i had, it was an unexpected bonus to meet another so far away from home!"